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The usage of abalone shell laminate

Author:Solawong Date:9/19/2014 7:52:29 PM

                                              The usage of abalone shell laminate

The shell laminates are also called shell papers,shell veneer or shell sheets,often used for Instrument Building (Luthiers) Inlaying,
fishing rods & lures,
knife and fork,Jewelry,jewelry boxes,Construction Tiles,shell nail arts; 

Those shell laminates are made of natural mother of pearl and sea shells. Each of them has their own unique beauty, 
with no exactly same two laminates in the world.Used to add value to gift and award products, these laminates are easily laser 
or common blade cutting, with a high quality. The standard size of our shell laminates is 140*240mm with 0.2-0.4 mm thickness.

 Now, let's us introduce some usages of abalone shell laminates.

Abalone Shell laminates used for inlays of guitar OR instrument Building(Luthiers) inlaying.
Abalone guitar inlay

Abalone Shell laminates used for Fishing rods&lures.
abalone fishing rods
abalone fishing lure
Abalone Shell laminates used for knife,fork and spoon.
abalone shell knife
abalone shell forks and spoon

Abalone Shell laminate used as jewelry.
abalone shell jewelry
Shell laminate used as jewelry box decoration.
abalone jewelry box
Abalone Shell laminates used for Construction Tiles.
abalone shell wall paper
Abalone Shell laminates used for nails arts.
abalone shell nail arts

We have various kinds of shell laminates/shell papers/shell sheets, including black MOP shell paper, white MOP shell paper, 
abalone shell paper, paua shell paper, golden MOP shell paper, freshwater shell paper ect. Have any needs of our shell laminates,
Pls feel free to contact me!