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What is shell mosaic and mother of pearl mosaic

Author:Solawong Date:9/4/2014 8:16:27 PM

What is mother of pearl mosaic and shell mosaic?

Many client don’t know how to use the right keywords for finding our shell products. 
Or when they are search shell mosaic and mother of pearl mosaic ,they may misunderstand that shell mosaic and mother 
of pearl mosaic belong to different product.
In fact,what ever they are calling them as shell mosaic , mother of pearl mosaicpearl mosaic,mop mosaic
"pearl mosaic or mop mosaic”. They are the 100% the same products.


Then how those names come from?

-Those name are given from raw material or other saying.


A.From raw material:

As we use 100% natural shell material and cut them into common mosaic size liking glass mosaic and backing them on
 the mesh.That’
s why our mosaic also called as shell mosaic”.


B.From the saying:

Most of shells are used for culturing pearl,like blacklip shells, yellowlip shells,pen shells and brownlip shells. Those shells
 also called as the “
mother of the pearl or mop in short. That’s why our shell mosaic are also called as mother of pearl 
mosaic,pearl mosaic,mop mosaic(The same name as our website) or nacre mosaic.


Of course,our shell mosaic also can called as other names according the different language. But in english,only these 
several calling. Hoping all of our client can understand now!

After making those information clear,then there maybe have some client asked,then how is yellowlip shell mosaic,yellowlip mother of pearl mosaic,river shell mosaic,freshwater shell mosaic?

Those name are given according the raw shell name. 
As we know,shells can be devided as salty water shell and freshwater shell.
Blacklip shell,yellowlip shell,brownlip shell,pen shell,pink shell,abalone shell which we used very often are belonged to salty water shell; 
Traingle shell also called as chinese freshwater shell or river shell. it  belongs to freshwater shell or river shell.

So most of time,we will add the raw shell name to detell different shell mosaic and mother of pearl mosaic.
Because different raw shell having different natural color.So adding the raw material name for detalling the different 
shell mosaic is very very important.